EnerG-3 With Immune Support

The Power of 3

for Milk Fat

for ECM & Body Condition

EPA/DHA Omega-3s
for Repro, ECM & Immune

Simply Feed a Better Balance

EnerG-3 provides the best balance of Palmitic, Oleic and EPA/DHA Omega-3 for cows across stages of lactation, so you can simply feed a better balance.

What are the main fatty acids in EnerG-3?

55% Palmitic for Milk Fat
30% Oleic
3.2% EPA/DHA Omega-3

EnerG-3 provides a balance of ALL key fatty acids in one product.

  • Delivers essential EPA/DHA Omega-3s for reduced inflammation, improved embryo retention and energy for milk, alongside higher Palmitic for milk fat.
  • Improved ease of use and consistency with all three fatty acids in one (no blending of multiple products required to meet the cow’s needs).
  • Designed to be fed across stages of lactation for improved health and productivity.

How does EnerG-3 compare to the alternatives?

EnerG-3 Comparisons

Palmitic & Oleic

Cows fed more Oleic and moderate Palmitic (60:30) increased ECM and DMI, while losing less body condition vs. the control and high Palmitic treatment (80:10).

de Souza, Prom & Lock Palmitic/Oleic Charts

de Souza, Prom & Lock, American Dairy Science Association 2018

EPA/DHA Omega-3s

ECM Response to EPA/DHA Omega-3s

Results were from studies of CA Salts of EPA/DHA. Adapted from Bilby et. al., University of FL, 2006; Moussavi, et. al., Cornell University, 2007; Santos, Greco, et. al., U of FL, 2013
•• The EnerG-3 feeding rate to deliver equivalent grams of EPA/DHA omega-3s.

Plus Proven Reproductive Gains

chart preg loss

With EPA/DHA Omega-3 Supplementation
Control (EnerGII)

* P<0.05 ** P<0.01

Economics of EnerG-3

Cost & Breakeven

EnerG-3 Econ Table

Vs. Benefits

  • 2.7 lb. more milk vs. calcium salt
  • Improved immune health with EPA/DHA omega-3s
  • Higher Palmitic for milk fat support
  • Strong Oleic levels for improved feed efficiency, ECM, and body condition

Adapted from Moussavi, et. al., Cornell University, 2007; Santos, Greco, et. al., University of FL, 2013.

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