EnerG-3 With Immune Support

The Power of 3

for milk fat

for milk & body condition

EPA/DHA Omega-3s
for repro, milk & immune

Introducing EnerG-3

For dairies that…

  • Desire higher palmitic levels for
    improved milk fat support
  • Want to significantly improve immune health,
    milk, and reproduction of their herd
  • May have logistical challenges that make
    target feeding early lactation cows difficult

EnerG-3 provides the best balance of Palmitic, Oleic and EPA/DHA Omega-3 for cows across stages of lactation, so that you can simply feed a better balance to all.

55% Palmitic
30% Oleic
3.2% EPA/DHA Omega-3

The Profile of EnerG-3

EnerG-3 Comparisons

Key Benefits of EnerG-3

The best balance of fatty acids available in one product

Helping cows improve milk, milk fat, reproduction and immune health

EnerG-3 can be fed across all stages of lactation

Simplifying the logistics of feeding a healthier and more productive fatty acid balance to your herd

  • Available in bulk, totes, and bags for greater flexibility and ease of implementation on farm

Higher Palmitic

For improved milk fat support (59%)

Added EPA/DHA Omega-3s for improved immune balance

  • ½ lb. of EnerG-3 has the same grams as .1 lb. of Strata
  • Omega-3 levels in EnerG-3 = 2.7 lb. more milk vs. calcium salt at same ½ lb. feeding rate

Strong Oleic levels (25%) for improved fatty acid digestibility & feed efficiency

This means more energy for body condition, milk, reproduction, and better feed efficiency

Adapted from Moussavi, et. al., Cornell University, 2007; Santos, Greco, et. al., University of FL, 2013.

Reducing Inflammation

Typical dairy diets are highly inflammatory simply because of the ingredients we feed. Diets high in corn, corn silage, distillers, cottonseed and/or soybean meal means high levels of inflammatory Omega-6s. Meanwhile, most diets are low in anti-inflammatory Omega-3s, with low levels found in dry hay.

Just ½ pound of EnerG-3 provides enough immune balancing EPA/DHA Omega-3s to cut the inflammatory levels in half.  

The Result: Healthier cows & More energy for milk and reproduction.

Lower Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio

Typical TMR

With EnerG-3


Reduced Inflammation
2.7 lb. Milk
+Energy for Repro

Economics of EnerG-3

Cost & Breakeven

EnerG-3 Econ Table

Vs. Benefits

  • 2.7 lb. more milk vs. calcium salt
  • Improved immune health with EPA/DHA omega-3s
  • Higher Palmitic for milk fat support
  • Strong Oleic levels for improved feed efficiency and body condition

Adapted from Moussavi, et. al., Cornell University, 2007; Santos, Greco, et. al., University of FL, 2013.

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