The Efficient Energy Source

EnerGII is the American-made calcium salt of fatty acids that improves energy available for milk, milk fat and body condition with a balanced blend of 50% Palmitic and 35% Oleic Fatty Acid.

Feeding Recommendations
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EnerGII Research

Consistency You Can Count On

For 20+ years, EnerGII has delivered the same results from the same fatty acid profile, with 50% Palmitic and 35% Oleic. Check out the EnerGII Research Review to see what two decades of EnerGII research has proven.
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EnerGII Research

More Milk & Milk Fat


Better Feed Efficiency

FCM/Dry Matter Intake

  • 1.66
  • 1.75

Improved Body Condition Score

16 Weeks


(Taken from a 2014 UC Davis study fed at a 0.8 lb. rate)

Balanced for Results

With 50% Palmitic and 35% Oleic, EnerGII is the efficient energy source for your cows, providing a balance of fatty acids that supports milk, milk fat, body condition and feed efficiency.

50% Palmitic


35% Oleic


Milk Fat
Feed Efficiency
Body Condition

Milk Fat
Feed Efficiency
Body Condition

Work Smarter,
Not Harder

Dairying today demands efficiency. Getting more with less, while taking care of our cows’ needs for better health and productivity. That’s what you get with EnerGII… production efficiency that surpasses the alternatives.

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Quick Guide to Feed Efficiency PDF
Watch EnergII vs. Distillers

EnerGII vs. DDG

Take a look at the results of a 2014 UC Davis study on the differing impacts of DDGs and EnerGII on dairy cows!

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