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Find out how EnerGII can provide super efficient, super safe & super reliable energy to your herd.

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The Jenkins Fat Checker

The Jenkins Fat Checker

The Jenkins Fat Checker tool helps describe practical limits of rumen-active and total added fat that gives an acceptable milk response in situations where you are considering fat for the first time, changing sources of rumen-active fat, or if the composition of your present fat source has changed dramatically.

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As the economics of dairying continue to shift, it is important to make sure that every feed ingredient on your dairy is providing the return you expect to maintain and improve your efficiency of production.  Thanks to the University of California at Davis and Poet Nutrition for this new research that dives into the impact on animal performance from adding fat into dairy diets in two different forms:  Typical DDGS vs. EnerGII, plus low-fat DDG (Dakota Gold).

What This Video Includes:

  1. Compare the effects of increasing fat levels from two different sources – EnerGII or Typical Distillers Grains.
  2. Analyze the effects from feeding similar levels of fat, but different profiles and levels of rumen protection.
  3. Discuss the economic considerations beyond the cost per ton, and assessing the profit opportunities through improved efficiency.

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