Prequel with Omega-6s

Start Guide

Whether you have just added Prequel to your close-up cow diet, or you are exploring how Prequel can help your transition and reproductive performance, you are in the right place! Check out the Prequel Start Guide video series to ensure a smooth start and help you know what to expect. If you prefer, download the guide below to save or share with your nutritionist.

Prequel Start Guide

Prequel is the best way to add more of the essential omega-6s into your pre-fresh diet to improve transition performance and early conception rates. Check out this simple start guide to see how to get a smooth start with Prequel.

Omega Balancer

See the current omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of your ration and how it compares to recommended ratios.

Next Generation Benefits

Prequel’s impact goes beyond the milk tank! Take a look at the impact that Prequel has had on calf health in utero and improved colostrum with this data captured at dairies and calf ranches.

Quick Guides to Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are the last ‘major nutrient’ category to truly be balanced in dairy cow diets. These Quick Guides are a great place to start to understanding FA roles & rumen biohydrogenation, sources, effects & more!

Quick Guide to Omegas & Immune

Download this handy guide to the basic fatty acids in dairy cow diets and the roles that they play. Learn how these fatty acids flow from the rumen to the small intestine, and the impacts of biohydrogenation on actual fatty acids utilized by the cow.

Milk & Fat Valuator

Evaluate what impact improving milk flow and/or components has on your net milk revenue. Take a look at Milk & Fat Valuator to see how shifting pounds of components vs. pounds of milk affects your bottom line.