The Essential Nutrient for Pregnancy and Productivity

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A Whole New Healthy

The better you take care of your cows, the better they take care of you.

Feeding them the right levels of omega-3 fatty acids means a balanced immune system and more energy for milk & reproduction. Healthier cows are more profitable cows with Strata omega-3s.

Benefits of Feeding EPA/DHA Omega-3

Protects the immune system from overreacting


Rapidly resolves inflammation to return to balance


Improves embryo development and reduces early aborts

Ways to feed EPA/DHA Omega-3 with Strata


Feed .066 to .1 lb Strata
throughout lactation

Meet your herd’s nutrient requirement for EPA/DHA for improved embryo development, healthy immune function and better recovery from stress events by feeding essential levels of Strata across the lactation.

Target the

Feed close-ups .12 lb &
fresh cows .12-.4 lb Strata

Enhance your cows’ innate ability to transition well by feeding EPA/DHA in both the pre-fresh and fresh pens. Starting before calving ensures adequate levels are available to the cow during her most immune-challenged period.

Strata Research Results

Increased Early Milk - 10+ lbs. at a .4 lb. feeding rate
EPA/DHA, g 4.5 8 12 16 18
Strata, lb .066 .1 .15 .2 .25
95% of milk gained early lactation is maintained throughout the entire lactation curve

•• Adapted from M. Garcia, L.F. Greco, W.W. Thatcher, J.E.P Santos, and C.R. Staples, et. al., University of FL, 2014.

Plus Proven Reproductive Gains


Strata   EnerGII

* P<0.05 ** P<0.01


Adapted from Silvestre, et. al., University of Florida, Gainesville

Protect Your Embryos

Early pregnancy losses are substantial with 67% viable embryos by day 6 after ovulation. Avoid unnecessary pregnancy loss by providing your cows with the essential nutrients needed for healthy embryo development and survival.

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Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio Effects on Lactation & Immune Response

Dr. Jose Santos from the University of Florida evaluates the impact of altering the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 FA on diets fed to early lactation cows in the areas of lactation and immune response.

Quick Guides to Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are the last ‘major nutrient’ category to truly be balanced in dairy cow diets. These Quick Guides are a great place to start to understanding FA roles & rumen biohydrogenation, sources, effects & more!

Quick Guide to Omegas & Immune

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