Omega Balanced
Immune Balanced

Would you like to find out the omega levels in your TMR?

The better you take care of your cows, the better they take care of you.

Feeding your cows the right levels of omega-3 fatty acids with Strata or EnerG-3 means a balanced immune system and more energy for milk & reproduction.  Watch this 3-minute video to learn how these powerful omega-3s make such a difference in cow health and productivity.

With protected EPA/DHA omega-3s, healthy is measured in pounds of ECM and pregnancies. Here are the highlights of controlled research showing how feeding omega-3s helps balance immune function, providing more energy for milk and reproduction.

While on-farm results may vary, results presented are from controlled research studies that can be found at VirtusNutrition.com. Consult your nutritionist for specific feeding recommendations. All logos and trademarks are property of Virtus Nutrition, LLC.