How Essential is EPA/DHA Omega-3 to Dairy Cows?

Our new white paper reviews what we’ve learned after 93 years of research to see what makes EPA/DHA Omega-3 an essential nutrient in a dairy diet.


The pressure on dairy farms to naturally improve cow health through better nutrition is real.  With greater focus on reducing antibiotic use and on improving animal longevity and welfare, EPA/DHA omega-3s are powerful nutrients and a logical choice to nutritionally enhance immune and reproductive health in dairy herds.  

Key Highlights

The evidence for feeding EPA/DHA at basic levels to meet a cow’s immune and reproductive system’s requirements.

Research results supporting feeding EPA/DHA at levels above her basic requirement, resulting in significant performance and reproductive gains.

Updated feeding recommendations for both Essential and Performance feeding strategies that can be applied to improve herd outcomes based on individual farm costs, grouping strategies and goals.

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