Feeding Recommendations

EnerGII can be fed at a wide range of feeding rates and to various groups of cows depending upon the dairy\’s current feeding strategies and performance goals.

High Performer

Efficiency Minded

Goal: Managing costs and improving performance through healthy cows.

Getting Started

Efficiency Minded:  Feed EnerGII at .5 to 1 pound, with higher feeding rates to the early lactation cows

Be sure to track your feed efficiency (FCM/DMI), as EnerGII improves FCM while often keeping intakes the same.  This \’efficiency factor\’ is due to the unique blend of fatty acids that help improve digestibility of all the fatty acids in the small intestine.

Ultimately, EnerGII provides the most consistent source of fatty acids in your dairy cows\’ diet.  These fatty acids are rumen protected to enhance fatty acid absorption at the small intestine and improve production efficiency.  Please consult your nutritionist for guidance on the feeding rate that works best for your management and current feeding strategy.