Milk & Fat Valuator

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In this era of component pricing, the message to dairies has been clear: Make more components and make less water. However, the devil is in the details as milk flow and pounds of components are inextricably linked. Download the Milk & Fat Valuator to see exactly how shifting pounds of components vs. pounds of milk affects to your bottom line.

What You Will Learn

  • Enter ‘what if’ scenarios to see the breakdown on the value of increasing components vs. flow.
  • What impact do these changes have on total pounds of components shipped, as you get paid on pounds not percents.
  • Evaluate what kind of return you can capture by investing in products that improve flow and/or components.
  • What impact do these scenarios have on your total milk check revenue vs. your net milk price per cwt, as more total revenue is the goal.
The Energy Trade-Off

More often than not, we are aiming for greater components AND milk flow to improve our bottom line.  However, unless we are adding more energy ‘on top’ of the current diet, there’s usually a trade-off.  The nutritional changes we make to increase components often means energy is redirected from flow or body condition.  

The challenge is that changes in milk fat percent are quite easy to measure, while real changes in milk flow are harder to pick up above the ‘noise’ of normal variability on the dairy.  Regardless of our challenge with measurement, the biology of shifting energy between flow and components is not negated.

Reference: Dado, R.G., J Dairy Sci. 1993 Jun;76(6):1575-88.

Strata with EPA/DHA omega-3s

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Prequel with Omega-6s

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New EnerG-3: A Better Balance for All.

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