Prequel with Omega-6s


Ingredients: Calcium salts of long chain fatty acids, BHT (a preservative)

Typical Fatty Acid Profile


Guaranteed Analysis
Total Fat (min) 80%
Calcium (min) 9.3%
Calcium (max) 11.1%
Unsaponifiable Matter (max) 4.0%
Moisture (max) 2.0%
Physical & Nutritional Characteristics
TDN 255%
NEL (dry basis) 2.89 Mcal/lb.
Particle Type Granular
Bulk Density 31 Lbs./ft.
Effects on Rumen Fermentation None*
Palatability Good
Color Tan
Flowability Dry, Free Flowing
Storage and Shelf Life  12 months stored in a cool, dry place
Packaging 55 Lb. bags (25 kg)

*When compared to other fat sources, a short adaptation period is recommended.

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