Repro Valuator by Virtus Nutrition

Know your cost to obtain a pregnancy and a calf on your dairy.

Reproductive programs have changed dramatically in recent years, with the implementation of double ovsync, complex breeding schemes involving sexed, conventional and beef semen, the use of IVF, activity collars, genomics and other reproductive strategies. Knowing your cost to obtain a calf is the first step in improving the economics of your reproductive program.

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What You Can Learn

Analyze Your Performance

Plug in your herd’s reproductive performance and costs to see what it costs you to obtain a pregnancy and a calf.

Weigh the Scenarios

Run ‘what if’ scenarios for different breeding management options from sync programs, to activity monitors, to genomics, to weigh the differences in impact on cost per calf.

See the True Cost of Lost Repro

Understand how much lost pregnancies are costing you ($$ spent that did not result in a calf).