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Tulare, California’s Brad Vander Poel has found success improving the omega balance at his dairy. See the full story as featured in DairyBusiness West!

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Prequel + Strata: The Omega Nutrition Solution

Both research and practical ‘on-farm application’ demonstrate the consistent results producers see when feeding Prequel with Omega-6s in the pre-fresh and Strata with EPA/DHA Omega-3s in the fresh and early breeding groups.  The Omega Nutrition Solution is the only program that has been proven — at the university and on the dairy — to provide the proper levels of Omega-3s and Omega-6s to demonstrate significant improvements in both reproduction and fat corrected milk.

Prequel Strata
High in Omega-6s High in EPA/DHA Omega-3s
Fed for 21 days pre-fresh Fed to fresh and early breeding pens (to 100–150 DIM)
Feeding Rate: ¼ lb. Feeding Rate: .25–.4 lb.
Benefits: Reduces fresh cow disorders (metritis and ketosis); Improves first service conception rates Benefits: Improves early milk production, increases 1st and 2nd service conception, retains more early embryos

Prequel + Strata

Tailored to your needs

Tailored to Your Needs

While the greatest returns from balancing omegas include feeding both Prequel in the pre-fresh and Strata in the fresh and breeding pens, each part of the program has separate yet additive benefits. Work with your nutritionist and your Virtus representative to determine whether Prequel, Strata or both are most applicable to your dairy’s needs.

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The Omega Nutrition Solution Lineup

Prequel — With Omega–6 Fatty Acids

Prequel, a calcium salt of fatty acid supplement with Omega-6s, is fed at ¼ lb. feeding rate for 21 days pre-fresh in order to boost omega-6 levels during that critical transition period.


  • Reduces fresh cow disorders
  • Improves follicle size & embryo quality
  • Better first service conception rates

Omega Specifications (PDF)

Strata — With EPA/DHA Omega–3 Fatty Acids

Spotlight on Milk

Spotlight on Milk

5 Minutes will change the way you think about cows and EPA/DHA Omega-3s!

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Strata, a calcium salt of fatty acid supplement with EPA/DHA Omega–3s, is fed at .25–.4  lb. feeding rate from calving out to 100–150 days in milk  in order to provide the proper levels of Omega–3s to the lactating cow’s diet.


  • Increases early milk production
  • Improves 1st and 2nd service conception rates
  • Significantly reduces early abortions

Omega Specifications (PDF)

Omega Research Highlights

Download the Omega Benefits Sheet

Omega Benefits Sheet

Read more about the benefits of the Omega Nutrition Solution.

Download the Omega Benefits Sheet (PDF)

Prequel Benefits

Prequel Benefits Sheet

Read more about the benefits of Prequel.

Download the Prequel Benefits Sheet (PDF)


Strata – Milk in the Field

See how the research translates to real-world success!

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University Proven – Dairy Producer Approved

The Omega Nutrition Solution is proven – at the university and on the dairy – to provide the proper levels of Omega–6s and Omega–3s during transition and breeding.  While omega fatty acids have been a hot research topic at universities for all species (humans included) over the past 15 years, the dairy research done at the University of Florida, Cornell University and University of California-Davis in particular, has led to new understanding and application for improving herd health and performance.

Prequel Highlights

Prequel Research Highlights

Conception Rate
Conception Rate Chart
  • More embryos classified as high quality means better conception rates and more pregnancies.
  • Cows fed Prequel during their pre-fresh period saw significantly more fertilized structures and higher quality embryos.
  • This increase leads to more pregnancies in early lactation.
Nefa Levels
NEFA Chart
  • Cows fed Prequel in the pre-fresh saw a significant reduction in NEFAs in those critical first weeks after calving.
  • Less NEFAs (Non-esterified fatty acids) in the bloodstream after calving is an accepted indicator of better metabolic health.
  • Lower NEFA levels = Improved liver function, energy balance, reduced ketosis and an improved start to their lactation.
Strata Highlights

Strata Research Highlights

Pregnancy Loss
Pregnancy Loss Chart
  • Increasing EPA/DHA Omega–3 levels reduced early pregnancy losses by 50% or more.
  • Adding Strata reduces the Omega–6 to Omega–3 ratio from an average 15:1 to 3:1, thus improving the cow's omega status and creating a better environment for embryo survival.
  • Treatment diets had the same energy levels, thus results were from the Omega–3 fatty acids.
# Cows Pregnant
More Calves Chart
  • Results show 15 more calves for every 100 cows bred in the early breeding pens.
  • Compared to a treatment group with the same energy levels from fatty acids.
  • Based on improvements in conception and embryo retention from The Omega Nutrition Solution with Prequel and Strata.
Milk Per Cow
Milk Per Cow Chart
  • Across multiple studies, milk response per cow ranged from 2-8 pounds, with an average 4 pound milk response.
  • Compared to a treatment group with the same energy levels from fatty acids.
Prequel + Strata Highlights

Prequel + Strata Highlights

Improved Conception Rates
Conception Rates Chart
  • Significant gains in 1st and 2nd service conception rates by feeding the Omega Nutrition Solution.
  • Additional improvements in early conception gained by setting cows up for success with Prequel at ¼ pound in the pre-fresh period.


Omega Economics Sheet

Omega Economics Sheet

Download Omega Economics Sheet (PDF)

Prequel Economics Sheet

Download Prequel Economics Sheet (PDF)

Omega Value Calculator

Now You Do the Math!

Use the Omega Value Calculator to calculate the value of the omegas for your dairy.

Calculate Your Return

Simple Math, Steady Profits.

While milk prices and feed costs waver up and down, the math remains simple with the Omega Nutrition Solution. Dairies using the full program with Prequel and Strata see an average gain of $100 per cow.

Profit Chart

Reliable Returns.

With an average 4 pound improvement in early milk production, the cost of the Omega Nutrition Solution is more than covered by early milk while you reap the benefits of improved reproduction.

Milk Response Chart

Omega Nutrition Solution