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At Virtus Nutrition, our mission is to help you navigate successfully into your dairies’ future with a better balance of fatty acids. We believe that fatty acids matter…they drive efficiency, are essential to health and are critical to sustaining high performance over many lactations. Balance leads to health, and health to efficiency.

Why Fatty Acids Matter
Balancing fatty acids for energy is just the starting point.

Fatty acids are the last major nutrient category to be balanced.  More than simply energy, fatty acids affect all major functions in the cow’s body, including cell signaling, immune health and metabolic function.

Fatty Acid Impacts
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Step #1: Know thy Fatty Acids

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Success Through Fatty Acids

Hear from Siebren Jacobi at Rocking S Dairy on how he implements a fertility-centric approach to improving herd profitability…

Our Products
Fatty Acid Technology That Delivers

At Virtus Nutrition, we pioneered the process to deliver EPA/DHA omega-3 in a form that cows can utilize.  This drive for excellence carries on today through everything we do…delivering innovative fatty acid products with the highest standards for quality and consistency.

Prequel with Omega-6s

The Essential Nutrient for Smooth Starts

Prequel in the pre-fresh diet significantly increases the omega-6 fatty acid levels that support robust immune responses to transition challenges.

Prequel Spec Sheet

Prequel with Omega-6s

The Pregnancy nutrient

Feeding Strata with EPA/DHA Omega-3 meets her essential need for these fatty acids, resolves inflammation more efficiently, and supports healthy embryo development to improve retention.

Strata Spec Sheet

Prequel with Omega-6s

All-in-One Fat Supplement

Feeding EnerG-3 creates a better balance of the primary fatty acids needed for both energy (Palmitic & Oleic) and essential function for healthy immune response and embryo development (EPA/DHA omega-3). 

EnerG-3 Spec Sheet

Prequel with Omega-6s

Balance is Better for Her Biology

EnerGII, with a balanced profile of 50% Palmitic and 35% Oleic, is proven to significantly improve ECM, feed efficiency, and total fatty acid digestibility.

EnerGII Spec Sheet