EPA/DHA Omega-3.
As Essential as Frosting on a Cupcake.

Protects the immune system from overreacting


Rapidly resolves inflammation to return to balance


Improves embryo development and reduces early aborts

How and Why to Feed Essential Levels of EPA/DHA
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Ask any 4-year old…a cupcake is just not a cupcake without the frosting.

So it is with embryos and EPA/DHA omega-3.  These essential nutrients are stored in lipid droplets surrounding the growing embryo, where they are taken up in high quantities during early embryo development.

In fact, research shows that as little as half a gram of EPA/DHA doubled the growth rate of the day-7 embryo (Oseikria, 2016).  Now, that’s essential.

Impact of Low Level of DHA Omega-3 on Oocyte Development

This is just one of a multitude of studies that have been performed over the past several decades that support feeding EPA/DHA an essential nutrient.  Download the Top 4 Reasons Your Cows Need EPA/DHA Omega-3 + NEW Feeding Guide

Options to Feed EPA/DHA Omega-3