Protect Her Embryos

EPA/DHA Omega-3.
It’s Essential.

Protects the immune system from overreacting


Rapidly resolves inflammation to return to balance


Improves embryo development and reduces early aborts

Whether you are utilizing IVF or are breeding cows conventionally, your cows’ embryos are highly valuable as they hold the genetics for your future herd. The impact of nutrition on embryo development has been an important focus of recent research. EPA/DHA omega-3 is an essential nutrient for proper embryo development and for healthy immune function.

In fact, recent research underscores just how essential EPA/DHA is to embryos, with results showing significant improvements in embryo development rate in vitro, as well as improvements in embryo quality when supplemented in the ration.

Greater In Vitro Growth Rate

In this in vitro study, very low levels of DHA (.45 g) almost doubled the day 7 blastocyst rate. (Oseikria, 2016) *P<.01


Improved % Good Quality/Freezable Embryos

Cows fed EPA/DHA omega-3 had 29% more good quality embryos compared to cows fed an isoenergetic, iso-lipid control diet. (Freret, 2019) P<.05


Options to Feed EPA/DHA Omega-3