Reduce Heat Stress Effects with EPA/DHA Omega-3

When the heat index soars, cows eat less which leads to lost milk and component production. However, that’s not the whole story!

  • Heat stress triggers inflammation, which costs energy, health and performance.
  • In this study, EPA/DHA Omega-3s were studied due to their anti-inflammatory effects, partially alleviating the effects of heat stress.
  • Results include improved milk yield, tempering the impact on rectal temperature and respiration rate.

The Results Rico, 2022

Rico Heat Stress Study Charts
Figure 1. Milk yield, rectal temperature & respiration rates.

See Dr. Rico Present his Study Results!

from The Fatty Acid Forum

Options to Feed EPA/DHA Omega-3

Fat Supplement

Feed .5 to 1.25 lb EnerG-3 across all stages of lactation

EnerG-3 is the only fat supplement on the market to provide EPA/DHA with higher Palmitic and Oleic fatty acids. This ‘all-in-one’ product makes feeding a balance of the key fatty acids simple and consistency achievable.


Feed .066 to .1 lb Strata throughout lactation

Meet your herd’s nutrient requirement for EPA/DHA for improved embryo development, healthy immune function and better recovery from stress events by feeding essential levels of Strata across the lactation.

Target the

Feed close-ups .12 lb & fresh cows .12-.4 lb Strata

Enhance your cows’ innate ability to transition well by feeding EPA/DHA in both the pre-fresh and fresh pens. Starting before calving ensures adequate levels are available to the cow during her most immune-challenged period.