The Virtus Lineup

Where they fit across the lactation

How Virtus Nutrition's products fit across the lactation curve

Target feed Omega-6s in the close-up pen to enhance immune health, leading to reduced transition disorders and improved 1st service.

Best for target feeding EPA/DHA Omega-3s early lactation for reducing inflammation that leads to increases in ECM and reduced early aborts.

Higher Palmitic levels for milk fat support, combined with Oleic and EPA/DHA Omega-3s to deliver the key fatty acids all in one product.

Provides a balanced and proven approach with 50% Palmitic & 35% Oleic to support milk and milk fat, body condition and feed efficiency.

Note: Strata is often fed in combination with EnerGII early lactation, with EnerGII fed to mid and later lactation cows as well. In contrast, EnerG-3 is designed to feed across stages of lactation and in one-group TMRs.